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Northampton Country Club has eight (8) courts located in a beautiful location on our property.  Members and their guests can enjoy playing on four (4) Clay Courts and two (2) Hard Courts which also double for Pickleball play, and two (2) brand new Pickleball courts.  We also have two (2) platform tennis courts utelized in the winter months.


What is Paddle Tennis?  Also known as "platform tennis", paddle is a popular racquet sport played on an elevated aluminium deck in cooler weather.  When it becomes too cool for golf, it's time for platform tennis, also known more comonly as paddle tennis.  It's a cold weather sport that can be played outside during the winter months.  At NCC, we have one of three paddle tennis facilities in the Lehigh Valley.  Platform tennis is a game that is easily learned and enjoyed.  The ball is made of a heavy rubber sponge material and the court is surrounded on all sides by wire screens.  The screens keep the ball in play to keep the points going, leading to some great exercise.


Pickleball is a racquet sport that blends elements of tennis, badmitton and ping pong and is currently one of the fastest growing sports in America.  It was created with one thing in mind: fun.  It is easy to learn and play regardless of age or ability.  We offer weekly round robins and open play.  It may have a funny name but it is a very fast paced sport, easy to learn, great exercise and lots of fun.


Northampton Country Club offers a wide variety of Tennis programs.  Our Tennis Professional Lori Marshall offers lessons for all skill levels.  We also offer a large number of tennis events throughout the season.  Throughout the summer season Northampton Country Club offers our Sports Academy summer camp for children ages 5-12.  In this 6-week camp children will learn how basic tennis and golf skills while participating in fun activites throughout the week.


Lori Marshall


Director of Racquet Sports

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